Bringing PSHE off the page and into real life.

Coping with change. Banter vs Bullying. Connected Britain. We’ve got it covered.

With 10 million children heading back to school after the holiday break and recent reports announcing 3 children in every classroom have a mental health problem is it possible to cover sensitive topics in a fun, nurturing and exciting format?

Tip of the Iceberg Theatre company have spent the last 15 years developing shows and interactive workshop experiences alongside schools, teachers and pupils to improve well being and promote positive behaviour and relationships.

The projects are involving, informing and inspiring as they entertain and engage the audience and our follow up sessions make the full experience relevant and memorable.

Our productions encompass a range of characters so that every audience member can find someone or a storyline to connect with and our follow up activity based workshops continue to actively encourage the pupils to explore their own lives, thoughts and actions.

Empowering pupils to find their own solutions and supporting them to consider all aspects of an issue gives them a foundation to develop healthy approaches to manage their mental health and behaviour, especially as they grow, mature and take on more personal responsibility.

Tackling sensitive issues can be difficult to bring to life in the classroom.

We have 3 productions on tour in the coming months, all of which look at the risks and the rewards, the realities, the influences and the feelings that young people experience.  Examining the heart and soul of topics and not just the nuts and bolts. The projects include performances and follow up workshops. The delivery is adapted to suit your group sizes and timetables.

Changing Britain – On tour throughout June and again in the autumn 2017. Exploring physical, emotional and life changes. Suitable for year 6.

Bullied Britain – On tour during the autumn and supporting Anti-Bullying Month in November. Bullying vs Banter. Understanding the different forms that bullying takes and getting to the root of where it may come from and therefore creating real change.  Different options available for years 3-6.

Connected Britain – On tour through June and again in the autumn 2017.  Delving into the many networks we have in our lives, accepting the reality and benefits that being connected brings whilst being aware of the dangers and risks. Promoting positive e-citizenship and developing healthy relationships with and through technology. Different options available for years 3-6.

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Prices start at £550 + VAT for a half  day and £750 + VAT for a full day.

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