Are Jesus’ teachings relevant today?

What is the single most effective way to engage your pupils in assemblies that are explicitly Christian in nature?

It can be difficult for children to understand the relevance of Jesus’ teachings in their daily lives.

Children may struggle interpreting stories from the Holy Bible and their deeper meanings – which form the core of Christianity as a religion – as the stories are not set in a society to which the children can relate.

It is for this reason that we have produced Modern Christian Assembly Stories.

This resource contains 50 modern Christian assembly stories with characters, scenarios, themes, and everyday dilemmas which your pupils will be able to relate to. Children will come to realise that Jesus’ teachings are still relevant today and will understand how Christian beliefs and values play a part in their lives.

Some of the stories will make them, and you, laugh, whilst others will prompt you all to reflect deeply.

For example, in one story your pupils will meet Billy who loses his trunks whilst swimming at school – how embarrassing! What will he do? And in another story your pupils will meet David who is missing his best friend who has left school. Then he meets Arthur, the new boy. Arthur is different. He is autistic: he canʼt speak. How can David make friends with him?

Furthermore, accompanying teacher’s notes will enable you to make the most of each story, providing information on the background, story and theme, as well as a brief summary of what Christians believe and a short prayer related to the story.

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