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The fact is that not all students have access to mainstream education. This can be for a range of reasons, students that have been removed due to behaviour or students that have barriers due to health reasons or special educational needs. As educators we are responsible for making sure that the students who can’t access the mainstream classroom, for any reason, still access curriculum relevant education.

EDLounge has developed two systems; EDClass, designed alongside a multi academy trust, and EDVirtual, designed alongside a large pupil referral unit. By using these systems, both educational establishments have seen a vast improvement in their attendance figures.

EDClass is a remote learning platform that allows your students the opportunity to work through a unique pathway designed to suit their educational needs with online supervision from our tutors. Students are able to work through curriculum relevant work from our bank of 7,500+ lessons. There is also a comprehensive suite of lessons for behaviour repair work.

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The EDVirtual system is an online virtual classroom where your staff can support, teach and/or deliver their own content or take from the learning resources available on the system. The virtual classroom allows face-to-face communication via webcam and headset. This method has proven successful in the reintegration of long term absent students back into mainstream education.

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Our goal is to ensure that all students that are users of EDClass and EDVirtual gain a valuable and meaningful education. We will also hope to have more and more students reintegrated back into mainstream education or as close to as we possibly can.

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