What is the most effective way of inspiring outdoor play in a world filled with gadgets?

A recent survey of 12,000 parents showed that around 75% felt that their children preferred playing digital games as opposed to active outdoor play.

Many parents agree this is not ideal: which raises the question, what is the most effective way of encouraging children to engage in more active play before school, during breaks from class work, and after school? And indeed what approach is most likely to be seen and appreciated by parents?

“With so much focus on academic attainment, there can be pressure on teachers to stay in the classroom which means children are missing out on so many experiences that will benefit them through their lives.” – BBC environmental report.

“There is a clear play imbalance emerging… children need to be exposed to varied stimulus. Allow a child to be free outside with no structure and no gadgets and you will marvel at what they can achieve.” (Educationalist, Sir Ken Robinson).

This imbalance is a problem we have faced head on, and as a result we have designed a variety of resources and play equipment to inspire active play for pupils in KS1 and KS2.

With a variety of imagination play resources, strategy games, playground and after school activities, our range supports schools in the challenge to inspire active play.

By encouraging activity outside the classroom, PE and games are not relied upon as the sole source of active play.

Imagination play resources, including dens and playhouses, offer enchanting and comfortable spaces for children to play together in boundless make-believe worlds. Team games bring exciting strategy to the playground, promoting motor skills and improving communication.

Play is a wonderful revitaliser, helping pupils to feel more eager and ready to learn.

Big Game Hunters‘ selection of high quality outdoor games and equipment includes Giant Chess and Draughts, Giant Tower games, Giant Snakes and Ladders and unique wooden playground games.

If you would like to learn more or view the range, visit us at biggamehunters.co.uk.

Ordering for your school is quick and simple; simply sign up, log-in and you’ll have the option to checkout and pay later on invoice. You can also email purchase orders to sales@biggamehunters.co.uk

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