Overcoming Mental Health and Behaviour

In order to help their pupils succeed, schools have a role to play in supporting them to be resilient and mentally healthy. There are a variety of things that schools can do, for all their pupils and for those with particular problems, to offer that support in an effective way.”

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Dear Colleague,

Mental health and Behaviour are both intertwined with one another and as such; schools, academies, pupil referral units and any educational establishment should work to ensure that the students that are dealing with mental health issues get the support that they need without being misinterpreted as “the naughty kids” that end up with disciplinary measures.

We have worked with the Rodillian Academy Trust for several years and with the trusts ‘Positive Discipline’ model students learn in an environment that helps to identify and support students with mental health. This model includes aspects such as a resilience curriculum…

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The document “Mental health and behaviour in schools – Departmental advice for school staff explains that “Poor mental health undermines educational attainment… disproportionately large numbers of pupils with conduct and emotional disorders fall behind in their overall educational attainment, missing school and/or being excluded.”

We at EDLounge have worked with over 50 schools, PRU’s and Academies to find ways to impact on behaviour and attainment by providing an educational support system for students with mental health issues that are school refusers and/or are on an exclusion. We are now able to provide a secure platform that allows students that are being educated off site to;

  • work through a pathway of learning catered to their academic needs;
  • work through pathways of learning designed around resilience and behaviour repair work;
  • but ultimately the system allows for a connection to your establishment.

By providing a student a live streamed video feed to a; teacher, support worker, mentor, outreach worker and/or safeguarding officer. These members of your team can work with the students directly, encouraging meaningful intervention, leading to a positive and successful reintegration back into mainstream education.

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To learn more about how EDLounge can impact student attainment and attendance by addressing behavioural and mental health issues, please contact on 01909 568 338 or email me at sam@edlounge.com with the subject “MentalHealth17”.

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