Assessment “without levels”

Has your solution to assessment ‘without levels’ been to develop your own set of Excel spreadsheets?

Lots of schools have taken this route, because it gives them the sort of flexibility and control, which they want: but it’s not without its own problems.

Your own Excel spreadsheets can involve a lot of time consuming manual work, if you don’t have someone who can write appropriate macros or progam the worksheets using VBA.

Your school will usually be very dependent on the person who set up the spreadsheets, and vulnerable if that person leaves.

So, wouldn’t it be great to have all that flexibility and control without the associated problems?

Our Online Primary Progress toolkit has, we believe, enough flexibility to support almost any assessment policy. It’s also a modern online database system, professionally programmed, so you don’t have to worry about maintaining it.

We have designed it with two simple aims – to create a tracker which is easy to use and which can be customised to a school’s precise needs.

For instance, you can import your own curriculum, edit the National Curriculum Programme of Study statements or use the NAHT model. You can give statements different weightings or set some as KPIs or non-negotiables.

You can you set your own assessment grades, assess pupils at either Statement or Subject level or both; enter assessments at any time and set your own reporting dates.

You can filter results by groups such as boys/girls, pupil premium, SEN, first language, ethnicity or create your own groups and filter results by these.

You can report on subject attainment and progress, percent attaining an agreed level in Reading, Writing & Maths combined, or meeting your own Age Related Expectations, plus percent of statements achieved, if you assess at that level.

In addition to the standard reports by year group, class and individual pupil, we can extract data from the database and create free customised reports to your own specification.

So, if you aren´t 100% satisfied with your current assessment tracking system, why not check out our Online Primary Progress toolkit at

If you need more information, or would like to discuss your specific needs, email me at or ring me on 01279 652183.

We can also give you free access to a demo site, where you can try out the toolkit for yourself.

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