Evidence-Based CPD – do more for less

What is the most effective way of making Evidence-Based Teaching easy to access and quick to learn?

One solution is to offer your colleagues anytime access to an Evidence-Based Teaching resource that can be personalised to their teaching needs.  A resource they can tap into as and when they need it.

Of course, you will want the resource to be broken down into quick-to-learn sequences that your colleagues will find immediately relevant and easy to apply to their classroom practices.

Value for money will be an important consideration and, since student success is the only real measure of value, the Evidence-Based Teaching resource will need to support your current in-house professional learning strategies.  Strategies such as coaching, teaching and learning groups, and whole school literacy.

Covering a variety of topics such as Behaviour, Independent Learning, Whole Class Teaching and Assessment for Learning, the HOW2s will save you both time and money when compared to buying in traditional CPD or sending teachers out on training courses. And the good news is the HOW2s pass the Education Development Trust’s CPD test

Take a look at our pricing here. Use offer code SCHOOLS17 to get 20% off standard school subscriptions until the end of March 2017.

Call 01277 202812 or email me at info@teachinghow2s.com to arrange a time for us discuss HOW2s – as an ex-SENCO and deputy head i/c CPD, I promise no hard-sell.

Want to find out more?  Watch Nico’s video. Nico is a Maths teacher and uses the HOW2s extensively in his classroom.

Best wishes

Ian Harris
Creator – HOW2s

Tw: @teachinghow2s