Maximum Engagement is Vital

Which workshop is best for your transitioning students, for your ambitious students and for those in need of additional motivation?

If you wanted to see a fantastic adventure movie, you wouldn’t buy a ticket to see ‘La La Land’ at the cinema this week – even though it is supposed to be excellent.  Similarly, you wouldn’t book a spa weekend if you wanted some high adrenalin action over the Easter break.

Booking a workshop to motivate a particular group of students or to hit a specific target is no different.  One glove really does not fit all.  You need specialist options designed for the distinct purpose.

To maximise the achievement of every student, you need to ensure they are fully engaged and motivated to a high enough level that they actually want to learn.

It is precisely why Thinkers in Education has devised a wealth of far-reaching STEM and skill development workshops over the past decade with movie-like scenarios and game-like structures.  Students cannot help but be drawn in by the experience and find themselves benefitting massively.

And, with a huge 20% discount on any of the Double Session workshops hosted in May and June 2017, you could include two vastly different groups of learners in two separate sessions within the same day – in an extremely cost effective way.

Our Double Session workshops are perfect motivational experiences for science week, activities week, transition days and induction programmes – and options are available for pupils in year 5 through to year 13.

To take advantage of this offer you simply need to register you interest before April 7th and quote the code HHDS17.  If you go on to book a Double Session workshop in May or June, we will automatically do so at the discounted rate.

For more information you can call us on 01603 520866 or email us at

We will be delighted to discuss your requirements and advise you which of the workshops will best meet your particular purpose.

Alternatively, you can go online and view the options yourself:  Click here.  You will see the range of activities and scenarios available.  You can even try our incredibly easy to use ‘How to select an event’ guide from the drop down menu if you want a good overview.

We endeavour to make the whole experience, from discussion to delivery, as easy and useful as possible.  The Double Session workshops are an ideal place to start exploring the specialist options available.

Matt Hackett