Educate your Year 11 students that are affecting attainment

With the exam season looming and PE exams now weighting 60% on theoretical knowledge, are you confident that your year 11 students are prepared, or are some of your students affecting the teaching and learning in your classrooms?

EDVirtual is a simple and proven way to engage your year 11 students off-site. Within our virtual classrooms your staff, alongside EDLounge staff, have the capacity to educate your students on specific timetabled pathways via a live video stream.

Learners follow a unique pathway designed around their needs and achieve support when they require it. This will ensure each student reaches their full potential in a controlled and safe environment.

Our platform includes lessons and mock exams for BTEC sport to test your students’ understanding and easily identify any weaknesses, allowing you to allocate suitable catch up programmes to your students before it’s time to sit the real thing.

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Out Latest Case Study

In just six weeks following an English and Maths programme, we achieved the following results:

  • 15 students in 1 (KS4) class had a 93% success rate.
  • 353 out of 420 sessions were attended (meaning an 83% overall attendance, creating a 4% increase in whole school attendance)
  • Two students were successfully reintegrated back into mainstream education
  • 36% of students had 100% attendance
  • One student increased attendance by 15%, another by 43%

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To find out more about how this was achieved please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 01909 568 338 or email us at

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