Supporting Your Able Scientists

Specialist Saturday and Holiday Workshops, for able and ambitious science students, at no cost to the school

There is an easy way to capitalise on all of the interest and enthusiasm generated by a Science Week that helps you create a truly extraordinary programme for your ambitious scientists.  And, most importantly, it requires no extra work.

As a science department, you aim to provide the best scientific opportunities for all students.  As a parent you want to give your children the best start in life.

This is why Spectacular Saturday and Holiday Workshops have proved to be so highly valued by schools and families throughout the UK.  They allow schools to host leading STEM workshops at no cost to the school, without affecting the timetable or adding to teacher workloads.

They allow participants to experience science activities that are typically unavailable until they reach higher education and develop essential skills that give them an advantage in education and beyond.

With three very different workshops to choose from, all developing different skills and offering different hands-on practical activities, you can easily provide for your most ambitious and more able students.  And the parents will appreciate the additional support the school makes for their children.

Every workshop has been recommended by every host school for over a decade.  So, whether you choose ‘Dead on Time’ the ultra-realistic CSI workshop for critical thinkers, ‘Target Mars’ an adrenalin filled space adventure for creative thinkers or ‘Bunkered’ an exciting survival story for strategic thinkers – we make it easy for you but incredibly effective.

To see more details about these options, you can click here.  But, quite simply, you choose a day on which you can host the event and we send you the literature to distribute to parents to book a place.  They pay for their child to attend, as they would for a school trip, or the school can choose to subsidise the cost using Pupil Premium funding.  It costs just £25 per pupil per day.

Once you have more than 20 pupils enrolled, we will confirm the event and run the entire day on the date of your choice.

The presentation team, all with full DBS checks, will simply need access to a hall or large room in which the workshop takes place from 8:30 to 15:45.  They will greet parents, supervise students from arrival to departure and deliver an unrivalled STEM experience.

Participants will each receive a certificate of achievement detailing the skills developed.  There are also prizes for members of the winning team and medals for the champions of the day.

For details of the Spectacular Saturday Workshops click here.  For details of 2-5 day Holiday Schools click here.

For further information, please call us on 01603 520866 or email