Managing time effectively in revision season

As exam season approaches, the biggest challenge for teachers and students is effective time management. How do teachers help their students to revise wisely, and focus on topics and techniques that will have the biggest impact?

Doddle provides solutions to give teachers everything they need:

Engaging revision resources

Doddle includes a wide range of targeted, engaging revision resources, from tutorials and presentations, to quizzes and videos.

Accessible to students

As an online platform, students can access Doddle resources anywhere, anytime – and can browse through relevant resources as independent revision.

Detailed reporting and assessment

Our groundbreaking progress reporting system gives your heads of department detailed reporting on the individual skills that students find challenging, on an individual, class and cohort basis. What’s more, flightpaths within the Doddle system gives a clear picture of where students should be aiming, from Year 7 through to GCSE.

To see what Doddle can do to improve revision in your school, speak to a Doddle Educational Consultant today.