Helping students who slip behind

What factor is responsible, more than any other, for students slipping behind in literacy?

It is a fundamental fact of teaching literacy that each student progresses at his/her own unique rate.  Each student has his/her own personality.  Each has different levels of paying attention. Every student is different.

In order to resolve these various problems it is very helpful – indeed one could say essential – to have a highly accurate and rapid system of placing students according to their current literacy ability, while precisely noting the progress they are making.

Unfortunately, this creates a second problem because analysing exactly where a pupil is in terms of developing literacy skills is even more time-consuming.

The way around all this is to implement an auto-placement approach which allocates each individual’s ability level and reveals exactly what each student needs to be focussing on.

Then, if the student can have one-to-one tuition in a way that is utterly engaging and responsive to his or her immediate literacy needs and within the school’s budget, the issue is resolved.

All of this can all be done using Lexia Strategies Reading Skills software.  The analysis, the comparisons with other students, the progress, the remedial work – all of this is tracked and provided by Strategies.

If you want to read the case studies involving UK schools which are already using the system please click here. You will then also find on the right of the page the route to having access to the full program for 30 days without any payment or commitment.

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Rob Kay

LexiaUK Software Consultant