An effective, enjoyable way of tackling Multi Faith issues in the school in one simple presentation

There is tremendous pressure on the curriculum these days, but in our Multi-Faith society it is essential to know what makes others tick religiously.

Even a small shot of knowledge can dispel a little ignorance and encourage respect, leading to a more harmonious society.

Rabbi Douglas Charing, Director of the Leeds-based Jewish Education Bureau, has been visiting schools throughout the country for many years.

He offers lively and informative presentations on many aspects of Judaism, including Festivals such as Passover and Chanukah, and life-cycle events. Story and song are also included.

Your pupils will be engaged and stimulated and enjoy a lasting experience by an inspiring educator.

To make a booking or for further details of cost and availability, phone our hotline on 0345 567 4071 or email

Rabbi Charing is also available for school-based Inset.