Better health and well-being can support learning

youcansay provides schools with insights that help in finding ways to improve aspects of pupils’ health and well-being.

  • desirable behaviours such as activity and exercise
  • avoiding negative influences like lots of unhealthy snacks
  • building emotional well-being, self awareness and regard for others

Take children who have nothing to eat before their first lesson. A bad start to a day of learning. I do not know what your school might find, but surveys suggests that between none and a third have nothing to eat before their first lesson.

Evidence from youcansay surveys.
Pupils missing breakfast are more likely to: feel poorly, feel angry, loose control, self harm, worry about not fitting in, worry about home life, spend a lot of time looking after a disabled parent, think they are too fat, and to have tried cigarettes.

Pupils NOT missing breakfast are more likely to: have a positive attitude about themselves, feel they will be successful, say they can think clearly, have someone to talk to, enjoy school work and look forward to secondary school.

Surveys are immediately available or can be tailored; we have a large questionnaire resource.

They are done online so are easy to implement and control.

Each school participating in a youcansay survey is fully supported.

It is usually repeated annually so that trends can be recognised and the outcomes of your strategies can be measured.

We use powerful methods to process and analyse the results with relevance, accuracy and speed, making them available without delay.

Results can be built into PSHE lessons, or similar, in which pupils are accustomed to dealing with sensitive issues.

You could be getting results about your school well before Easter.

youcansay surveys are affordable, costing as little as £125 for a primary school survey

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Adam Dotchin