Introducing Shakespeare at KS 2

There are many ways of introducing
Shakespeare at KS 2.

We asked Literacy Co-ordinators which
approach was best…

In a recent survey of methods of teaching Shakespeare at Key Stage 2 it was found that most respondents were highly committed to introducing Shakespeare in primary school.

But when it came to the issue of how this should be done, numerous answers were given.

Two of the most popular approaches were to use context to make sense of unfamiliar words, and/or to use a dual text edition.

Shakespeare Comic Books has produced a resource which meets many of the views expressed by those who completed our questionnaire – a highly illustrated approach with original text and a modern English translation. Combined, these make the play more rapidly accessible, particularly at Key Stage 2.

You can get a feel for the book here. Then just click on the small pictures that run down the web page to the right of the cover picture, and you’ll see exactly what individual pages of the resource look like.

Also available is the Macbeth Teachers’ Book with 50 + photocopiable worksheets  Normally this retails at £22, but for a very limited period we are offering a free copy of the teacher’s book to any school purchasing five or more comic books.

All you need to do to get the free copy is to indicate that you will be willing to complete a short questionnaire after you have used the books in two sessions with your pupils or students.

The questionnaire will only take five minutes to complete at most and can simply be emailed back to us once completed.  This offer is only available for a limited number of schools, and we do reserve the right to stop the offer the moment we have sufficient schools participating.

“If you would like to take part in this offer and complete the questionnaire simply indicate on your order – PLUS FREE TEACHERS BOOK FOR COMPLETING QUESTIONNAIRE”

There are more details of how to order on the website.  And If you would like to know more please do email us at or call 01691 770165.