Cheap and affordable locker systems


Lockers have traditionally been built like biscuit tins. Such lockers quickly become unsightly and, even worse, are an easy target for more mischievous pupils.

If pupils are offered a location in which to store their belongings, that location must be both secure and attractive.

image The answer, as many schools have found, is simple. Make a completely new, modern and thoroughly secure set of lockers available to parents and their children for a modest rental charge.   This provides safe storage for everyone, and the rental income from the parents pays for the lockers.

Furthermore, by fitting combination locks money is saved on replacement keys.  These combination locks can be opened by a master key, allowing them to be reset.

Once paid for the lockers provide a valuable source of income.

All lockers come with a ten year guarantee. A maintenance contract can also be built into the purchase plan.

To take a look at what our lockers look like please click here.

Purchasing lockers can be done in two ways by a leasing scheme or outright purchase.  For prices for typical locker installations please request a quote by clicking here.

To discuss installation at a time and date convenient to you, please call 01253 733 049 or 07899 911302

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Schools spent over £200m on supply cover due to staff absences

What is the single most effective way to make your school’s cashflow forecasting easier with regard to expenditure on supply cover?

According to the LA and school expenditure report, last financial year schools spent over £200m on supply cover due to staff absences. However, we must also consider that supply cover isn’t just dear, but is also incredibly difficult to forecast, not least because staff absences are often short-notice and unexpected.

It is with this in mind that SchoolsUK offers a 5 in 1 Staff Absence Insurance Cover – which not only enables you to claim back the huge costs of supply cover, but which also offers the additional benefit of making cashflow forecasting much easier as you pay a recurring fee each month. Giving you complete budget certainty!

What’s more, Staff Absence isn’t all that is covered under this policy. Our 5 in 1 Staff Absence Insurance Cover also includes cover for Staff Wellbeing, Occupational Health, Maternity and HR & Management. Thus it is likely that with our insurance you will be able to release funds into your budget for services that you are already paying for.

Scroll down to see a summary of what’s included in the policy or simply fill in this form to get an Instant Staff Absence Quote and join the 800+ UK schools that already have 5 in 1 Staff Absence Insurance Cover. Alternatively, please do call us on 0113 2161144 or email

What’s covered in the policy?
1) Staff Absence Insurance: Stress Cover, Paternity Cover, Adoption Leave Cover, Jury Service, Compassionate Leave, Stranded Cover, Carer Cover…

2) Staff Wellbeing: eye tests and replacement glasses, extensive Employees Assistance Programme, cash back on therapies, 24 hour GP helpline, diagnostic scans, Personal Accident Cover up to £100,000, Critical Incident Support, booklets for staff and a Wellbeing App download.

3) Occupational Health: occupational health reports, face to face consultations, nurses visit, counselling services, pre-employment screening and a full referral service (at no additional charge).

4) Maternity Cover: our Standard Cover will provide up to £3,500 per claim however we’ve also created a freestanding policy that allows you to select the level of coverage that you need from zero to over £15,000.

5) HR & Employment: unlimited telephone and email support, advice for HR and Employment Law issues, attendance at hearings and appeals where dismissal is a possibility, regular updates on changes to the law, free places for the Head and School Business Managers at our Education and Employment Law seminars, the equivalent of one days’ attendance on site each year from an HR specialists or employment lawyer.

Experience the awe and wonder of chick hatching with the happy chick company


See chicks hatch in your school or nursery

tick       life cycles

tick       science

tick       literacy

tick       numeracy

We supply everything you need for a worry free hatch, which includes…

  • Embryo eggs only 1-2 days from hatching
  • An incubator, cool egg shape with 360° viewing
  • Brooder box to raise your chicks in
  • Heat lamp, drinker and feed for the chicks
  • Comprehensive manual a handy guide
  • Full telephone support, 7 days per week 8am to 8pm
  • Delivery and set up
  • Collection
  • The ethical rehoming of the chicks.

Please visit for more information or call us on 01733 700853.  Prices start from £259 – but get £10 off when you quote SCH0217 with order.

Help supporting your boys?

Boys don’t cry?
Supporting the emotional and mental health of boys and young men

Are you concerned about the mental and emotional health issues surrounding boys? This workshop might be what you are looking for – an experiential, hands-on approach to providing practical solutions for improving boys mental health. Mengage have run this course countrywide and keep building on the practical solutions after each session. Why not have them come share their experience with your school.

WORKSHOP. Boys don’t cry? –  Supporting the emotional and mental health of boys and young men

“Teachers should be given training in working more effectively with boys to support healthier mental and emotional development and the skills to manage health services.”

(The mental health and wellbeing of men and boys: Proceedings of the expert symposium held at Leeds Beckett University on November 6th 2014)

A 2014 conference held at Leeds Beckett University – a university hosting the Centre for Men’s Health, explored male mental health and wellbeing with an aim of informing participants about developments in mental health work with boys and men, and implications and suggestions for future policy and practice.  The expert symposium recognised a key mental health role for education and the delivery of PSHE work with boys:

Personal, Social and Health Education should be gender informed/gender sensitive, with greater access to externally supported services; ‘Schools are the ultimate upstream setting which will pay off later downstream’.

Whilst the transition into policy of gendered work is long overdue, recognition of the value of gender sensitive PHSE and that teachers should receive training to support their work with boys and young men is welcome.

Workshop. Boys don’t cry?

Given a limited number of organisations offering schools-based training on gender sensitive work with males, Mengage are pleased to offer a workshop, ‘Boys don’t cry? Supporting the emotional and mental health of boys and young men’. The workshop is aimed at teachers, teaching assistants and affiliated staff and considers:

  • Act like a boy: what research has to say about the emotional and mental health of boys and young men
  • Issues and concerns: bullying, sexuality, peer pressure, relationships, pornography, body-image, exclusion, pressure to succeed/exams…
  • Being practical: what can schools do to support and enhance the emotional and mental health of boys and young men? Action planning and implementation.

This three-hour informal workshop is based on research and proven practical work with boys and young men, providing staff with knowledge about a concern that not only affects school performance but can have an impact across the lifespan – and significantly, an opportunity for staff to consider practical solutions schools can implement to address this concern.

This workshop is delivered in three hours and costs £895. Whole staff can be accommodated, right down to 10 or 15 committed staff.

Contact or 07788725318 to discuss a booking. Alternatively, go to our website to see what else we offer around raising boys’ achievement and accredited mentoring.

Introducing Shakespeare at KS3

Schools use many different ways of introducing Shakespeare at KS3.  But which works best? 

A survey of English teachers (including both heads of department, and classroom teachers) has revealed a significant diversity of opinion as to what is the best way to introduce Shakespeare to pupils and students for the first time.

Further, when we asked if it was felt that introducing a Shakespeare play for the first time was problematic, the most common answer was that it was difficult because of resistance to the whole concept of Shakespeare.  In short, barriers had to be broken down.

Now, in response to a range of questions asked of teachers in the last couple of years we’ve produced a Shakespeare resource which meets many of the needs expressed by both classroom teachers and heads of departments.

For example, we noted that many teachers like to have a dual text edition with the original and a modern translation available at the same time. Others welcome a highly illustrated comic book approach to make the play more rapidly accessible, particularly at Key Stage 3.

Likewise we noted that around two thirds of teachers involved in teaching Shakespeare to students seeing it for the first time said they liked to start with key scenes only.

So this is what we have produced: a resource that incorporates all these requirements. You can get a feel for the results on our website

Then just click on the small pictures that run down the web page to the right of the cover picture, and you’ll see exactly what individual pages of the resource look like.

There are price details and details of how to order also on the website  And If you would like to know more please do email us at or call 01691 770165.

How to… boost creative writing among your pupils

Successful creative writers have confidence in their creative writing abilities – so how can you boost your pupils’ creative writing confidence?

Children don’t typically need any encouragement when it comes to creative thinking. In fact, sometimes their creative thinking can be a little too…. creative. Yet the boundaries of structured writing can sometimes hinder their usual creative thinking and thus, their creative writing skills.

Clearly, writing structure cannot simply be ignored so it is important to teach children how there can be harmony between creative thinking and writing structure – thus increasing their creative writing confidence.

With this in mind, Brilliant Publications has produced the Boost Creative Writing Series – a series of books which provide additional reinforcement of key skills.

The structured planning sheets in the Boost Creative Writing books provide pupils with non-prescriptive writing scaffolds and cover a range of writing genres, from stories and poems to book reviews and newspaper reports.

Furthermore, the Boost Creative Writing Years 5-6 (ages 9-11) includes a handy Tips for Writing booklet that can be copied and bound to make a useful reference booklet for pupils, or sheets can be given individually as and when required.

book bundle image

For more information and to see sample pages, simply visit

You can order the Boost Creative Writing Series;

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