Free KS3 History presentation on castle defences!

Show your students the key defensive features of a castle with this free presentation from Boardworks!

From portcullises to barbicans, battlements to murder holes, let our presentation clarify for your class the ways in which castles are built for defence.

Two activities bring the theory to life, with an interactive plan of a castle to be explored, and a matching-up exercise to reinforce the roles of each defensive feature.

Why not use this presentation to spark off a whole-class discussion on strategic castle design?

To download the presentation, head to our history free stuff page now:

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Comprehensive KS3 English grammar toolkit from Doddle

Ensure that your KS3 students are confident in their own writing with the spelling, grammar and punctuation toolkit from Doddle English!

Including dynamic presentations, worksheets, and interactive activities, the toolkit covers everything, from punctuating speech to making correct vowel choices.

Complete lessons on key topics such as homophones, commas, and apostrophes aid literacy across all subjects. Targeted SPaG tests make sure your students are on track and that their knowledge of spelling and grammar is secure.

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Achieve Your School’s Target Attendance

Regular attendance and participation in schooling is an important factor in educational success. Students who are regular non-attenders are at risk of alienation from education that can lead to decreased options for future learning.

With the statutory requirement to report attendance figures comes the additional need to look at why pupils aren’t attending. It’s important to get to the centre of why a child refuses to attend, and to put support in place through educational strategies.

‘The implementation of EDLounge to support students who are excluded from school has had a significant impact on an identified cohort of students. It provides them with a programme of study and behaviour repair work that is monitored daily by school staff and parents, ensuring that students are engaged in meaningful work throughout their exclusion.

This has meant that exclusions have become more of a deterrent and are now seen as more meaningful and robust by parents/carers. This has meant a reduction in the number of repeat exclusions which is, in turn, seeing a marked improvement in attendance…’

– EDLounge Case Study

EDLounge is an innovative online learning resource that can help your academy achieve its target attendance.

Our system is designed to motivate students who have mental health issues, are persistently absent, off-site and in alternative provision, allowing these pupils to raise their A-C attainment and gain vital qualifications.

We currently work in partnership with academies all across the UK, helping them to:

  • Claim attendance for their students
  • Reduce exclusions and persistent absences
  • Use EDVirtual’s mentor support system to engage school phobic students
  • Track and monitor pupils’ attendance and progress to produce printable reports – perfect for Ofsted inspections!
  • Motivate disengaged pupils by promoting learning

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EDLounge becomes your alternative provision, allowing your pupils to learn, progress and attain in an environment that is suited to their specific needs.

We work in partnership with academies to ensure comprehensive levels of safeguarding, well-being, supervision for your pupils on or off-site.

Our unique approach makes EDLounge the perfect resource for students who are in inclusion or exclusion, alongside vocational and foundation learners, target groups, and students who are vulnerable, at risk, not attending classes, persistently absent, not doing homework, disengaged or demotivated.

More about the EDLounge platform

Originally created to educate students who were in inclusion or excluded from school entirely in maths, English and science, EDLounge has developed significantly since then, and now has four main aspects: EDLounge, EDClass, EDVirtual and EDSimple.

EDLounge offers students in all educational establishments a personalised learning pathway, in order to help improve their learning outcomes.

EDClass is a facility that enhances remote learning and includes live tutorial support.

EDVirtual is a virtual classroom that helps disengaged students attend lessons, gain qualifications and achieve academically.

EDSimple is an inclusive school management platform and learning environment that streamlines whole school practices.

All resources are safeguarded and supervised, and enable teachers to monitor and track students’ progress.

For more information about EDLounge, a two week free trial or a live online demo of the functionality of the online learning platform, contact us on 01909 568 338 or by email at