What is the secret resource that brings pure joy into the MFL classroom?


Well, just before we get on to the ‘secret’ resource, it is worth mentioning that the MFL resource market has been transformed over the past ten years.  Hundreds if not thousands of excellent and imaginative resources are available to MFL teachers using songs, games and interactive online software.  MFL teachers everywhere are now fully aware of the positive impact that these resources have on engagement and attainment.

But not everyone knows about this extra resource (the secret one) which is available in every classroom free of charge whenever required.  And this is the resource that adds pure joy!

The secret resource harnesses one of the most powerful resources in human society. It is not restricted to any specific MFL topic and yet can be applied to all of them.

It works brilliantly in MFL classes because spoken language connects people on an emotional level.

After all, we never speak to each other in sterile sentences such as ‘the cat sat on the mat’!

We gossip, we complain, we rejoice, we reflect, we inform, we collaborate, we recount, we congratulate, we sympathise, we encourage, we accuse, we defend, we tell jokes, we brag, we tell stories…..

And when we speak we expect a reaction.

In particular, we expect a reaction from our peers.  And the younger we are, the more importance we attach to the opinion of our peers.

And there you have it!  The power of peer pressure is the FREE resource available to all MFL teachers everywhere, at any time!

Do you dare to unleash its legendary potent force?

Have a go!  Spice up your usual role plays with some of these ideas!

An angry customer with a frustrated travel agent; a stressed out doctor dealing with a hysterical patient; an excited tourist completely misunderstanding directions; an absent minded mad professor in a shop; bank robbers who cannot agree on which is the getaway car; a dentist trying to calm a nervous patient who escapes when he turns his back.

Watch faces light up as pupils experiment with entertaining and being entertained by, their peers – in a foreign language!  See them enthusiastically research material for their own sketches. Watch confidence levels grow and peer relationships improve!

It is pure joy!

And it is free!

Marie – Director of www.singinfrench.com –  Fresh ideas for MFL teachers

Ps  You can see what pure joy looks like in this Pinot The Musical workshop

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