What is the most effective way of helping children improve their concentration, become more creative, and grow in confidence?

By and large it is the people who excel at creativity, who can concentrate, and who exude confidence, who develop the most effective social skills.  And ultimately it is people with such abilities and skills who succeed in our society today.

But, of course, creativity, confidence, and concentration cannot be taught in isolation – they have to be taught through something else.  And with years of work in the field, we strongly believe we know exactly how to enhance the concentration, creativity, and confidence of virtually all children in a school, within a week.

The route we use is storytelling.

Of course we know that there are many children who will proclaim that they can’t tell or write stories.  However the reality is that the more stories we can encourage the children to create, the better the stories become, the more literacy is enhanced, the more confidence grows, and the more creativity is stimulated.

In short, learning how to create and weave stories delivers the very skills that permeate through all aspects of both school life and life in the adult world.

To aid the development of these three vital skills we have created a series of three one-hour workshops for KS1 pupils and five such workshops for KS2 pupils which enable the children to learn what makes a great story and how they can create one themselves. ​

This dynamic programme from Snail Tales involves having a storyteller working in your school for one week. During this time he/she will not only undertake the storytelling project, but also take one or two assemblies, work with EYFS children, and undertake a one hour CPD session with your colleagues after school.

There are more details of the project, along with comments from teachers who have already been involved in the project on our website, as well as an online booking form and other information. ​

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