A Virtual Classroom and Learning Environment

Dear Colleague,

EDLounge Ltd launched EDVirtual (Our Virtual Classroom) in 2016 so that your teachers, mentors and qualified support staff can work remotely with your students in a safe and controlled environment.

Our virtual classroom helps excluded students and those students who require a short term alternative provision. Your staff have the capability to educate your students on specific timetabled pathways via live video stream. Your students will benefit from being taught through a unique pathway tailored to their personal needs and capabilities.

By using our virtual classroom your school can save time and money, benefit from seamless teacher and student lesson transition, and easily interact and support a group or individual while they are unable to attend school.

Our unique safeguarding tools have been designed to give educators the best opportunity to deliver lessons to off-site students whilst monitoring their attendance, behaviour and safety. All virtual lessons are recorded and automatically backed up and saved to ensure safeguarding all round.

This provision is a robust and comprehensive tool that not only allows your organisation to offer teaching and support, but also offers tutoring, assessment, pre-assessment, verification, and expertise in any subject for any age group for those doing core or academic courses.

The Virtual Classroom will allow you to:

  • view students’ learning live via a secure server stream
  • mentor students through a written chat, verbal chat or face to face video link
  • set structured and personalised pathways for individual students using school content or by using 7,000+ ready-made lessons provided
  • communicate face to face with students who are learning off-site
  • dramatically improve your students’ attendance and achievement.

For more information about EDVirtual, a two week free trial or a live online demo of the functionality of the online learning platform, contact us on 01909 568 338 or by email with the subject ‘VirtualClassroom16’ at mail@edlounge.com