What is the one time you really want learners to talk?

Do our pupils want to communicate? Of course they do. Just listen to them as they come into the classroom and settle down. If we let them, they would never stop talking!

If only we could use that unquenchable urge to talk, and persuade them to do it in French (or German, Spanish etc) instead…

These resources will show you how to begin to get them doing just that. And once they start, you won’t be able to stop them! To hear yourself actually using your new language to achieve a real outcome is highly motivating and makes you eager to learn more.

Let’s face it – some text book language can be uninspiring: “What’s this? It’s a pencil.” What colour is it? It’s red.” How can we help learners to go beyond ‘textbook language’ and use their newly learned vocabulary to ask questions, to ask for help, to say what’s wrong: “I don’t have a pencil. Can I borrow a rubber?”

So why not teach classroom language by enabling learners to say what they really want and need to say?

Easy to say, perhaps, but how is it done? If you have never done this before, and if also you are a non-specialist teacher of languages, how can you make a start? This new set of classroom language resources from highly regarded MLG Publishing (MiniFlashcards) aims to show you how to plan a progressive programme and provides you with a bank of resources for you to use with learners.

Here, in attractive cartoon pictures and soundfiles, you will find examples of commonly occurring language from which you and your learners can choose items to become familiar with through fun activities and games. These will provide a firm foundation for them to build on as they progress, and to grow in confidence as they begin to see using the language can make things happen.

It doesn’t happen all at once, of course, but a phrase a day, or even a phrase a week, soon builds up into a sizeable body of knowledge and skill.

If you would like to try out this approach simply click on our website and download the sample pictures and activities – at www.mlgpublishing.com and select Ici On Parle Français  (Main Volume or Primary Version). Or email us atmailto:mlg@mlgpublishing.com