£500 cashback on every SMART 6065i Interactive LED Screen

Until December 31st receive £500 cashback for each 6065i screen purchased, along with other selected models.

<mime-attachment.png> Benefit from the high clarity of the SMART 6065i, owing to its 4K graphics and LED screen, making it visible to all, even when it is being used in a bright classroom.

<mime-attachment.png>  New software features including LAB (Lesson Activity Builder) which will inspire your fellow teachers to try out new ideas and approaches.

<mime-attachment.png> The 6065i has received glowing feedback from primary schools. Scroll down to see extracts of testimonials from Stockcross CE (Aided) Primary School and Chieveley Primary School.

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“We have been extremely well supported by Smarter Interactive throughout. From the initial demonstration stage and information gathering, to extremely fast installation and best possible value for money we could not have been better informed. Smarter Interactive installed all seven boards within two weeks of the order, and training began the following week.” Florence Rostron, Executive Headteacher, Stockcross CE (Aided) Primary School

“We looked at a range of panels but were impressed by the new SMART 6065i. It was different to many other panels and, as well as looking familiar as existing SMART Board users, it also looked striking in terms of new technology.

“The 6065i had the advantage of 4K graphics, meaning that, as far as is ever possible, we were future proofing our investment.” Linda Wood, Headteacher, Chieveley Primary School