Ready-made Whole-class Music-making…


Give your children a ‘sound’ music education

Years ago, music was taught by singing or listening only. Children didn’t make music or explore sound in their lessons. As in Victorian days, it was expected that children should be seen and not heard!

Over the last few years OFSTED have said that too little actual music goes on in primary music lessons. Music is a language and the language of music should be dominant, but often isn’t.

Playing instruments is a great way to get all children making music. They can all play tunes and get a great sense of achievement. However, whole classes of trumpets & trombones, or violins & cellos make a very loud noise indeed. Even tin whistles & recorders are shrill in large numbers. And drums don’t play tunes, only rhythms.

Which Instrument should we use?

The English Ocarina is a really great instrument. The 4-hole Oc® has been judged by independent experts to be the Best Music Education Product. Here’s what the panel said…

The Ocarina “combines creative potential, ease of use, affordability and practicality” Best Music Education Product WINNER in the Music Teacher Awards for Excellence

The sound of the Ocarina blends beautifully in groups. If one child plays it badly, their Ocarina cuts out and is silent, so you only hear the best. And the sound of the Ocarina is the purest of any musical instrument, giving children the best feedback and immediate success.

If you would like to enable your children to play great music in class, in assembly, at the Christmas Concert or at community events, just order now. Ocarinas are supremely portable as children wear Ocarinas when they play. They are also lightweight and very easily stored.

But is it ‘proper’?

People who don’t fully understand music or children, may think that the Ocarina is not a ‘proper’ instrument. What is a proper instrument? Crumhorns are proper for medieval music, French Horns for orchestral music and Ocarinas for educational music. It’s “horses for courses”. There is no single instrument that is perfect for everything. However, Ocarinas are best in class.

Tuned, Accessible, Musical and Ready-to-play

There is nothing to go wrong – no reeds or strings that require setting up or mending – just kits of Ocarinas with music books, backing CDs, ready-made lessons and lots of musical fun.

Order an Ocarina Class Set today. Hand them to any teacher and within half-an-hour their class will serenade you with familiar tunes and play eight notes – seven more than they would play in half-an-hour on any other instrument! Or give them to the staff first and let the fun begin! | | 01536 485 963
David Liggins B.Ed (Hons) | Christa Liggins BA (Hons), PGCE
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