How can your school avoid the ‘learning a language’ trap?

Teachers can be under-confident when teaching foreign languages in the classroom because they do not have the language skills. What’s the most effective way of supporting your staff in the teaching of French, Spanish or German?

Avoiding the trap …
Have you been in the scenario where the teachers have been informed that they have to teach a language and seen the panic on their faces? Suddenly they have to read, write, speak and teach it to the children. Most teachers race on line to hunt through the mixed bag of resources.  Imagine their surprise if they could be provided with a proven resource that enables them to teach a language, they do not know, effectively.

Finding the resource …
What is the right resource? A resource which gives instant lessons, lesson plans and games, with sound, which are effective and fun. A resource which promotes linguistic confidence.

EDpaX offers …
Lessons that develop the teaching of French, Spanish or German in the Primary classroom.

There are 28 topics specially developed for teachers required to teach a foreign language using the interactive whiteboard. No preparation is needed! There are 500+ teaching pages, with sound, including games and activities. Each language introduces and reinforces initial language, spelling, vital verbs, simple sentence structure and small paragraphs. Colourful and effective interactive whiteboard language lessons and games at your fingertips! These instant lessons bring fun to language learning for both the teachers and the children. Ideal for all Primary school teachers.

Photocopy Workbooks each containing 56 differentiated photocopy pages which reinforce and consolidate every topic are included as a SPECIAL OFFER. Planning grids detailing the language used in each topic are there too.

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One language product contains 2 disks plus the photocopy workbook for only £350

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