The Arab-Israeli Conflict and Recent Upheavals in the Middle East


Both Sides of the Story

by  Muslim and  Jewish speakers

Much is happening in the Middle East which raises many questions. Our talks endeavour to address these issues. For example: would the upheaval and violence in so many countries be eliminated by an Israel-Palestinian peace?  What can halt the Syrian civil war? Is Israel to blame? What is ‘occupied territory’?  What are ‘settlements’? What is being done to help the Palestinian refugees  in their camps? Are we (the West) supporting the moderate Palestinians enough? When will the Palestinians have the opportunity for democratic elections?

In addition, talks can be requested which give a historical, political or religious perspective of the current situation and show the varying opinions of the two sides, and between fifty years ago and today.

Talks can be requested on any relevant alternative subject, for example: the Balfour Declaration, the British Mandate, Walls/Security barriers around the world, Refugees, Habitation of Palestine.

The talks are given by two speakers together, a Muslim and a Jew, who explore all issues with honesty and give both sides of the story.

Where distance makes visits to schools difficult, we would be happy to work with you to give a talk via video conferencing.

Cost: Travel costs (train or car mileage) plus a voluntary donation towards other expenses.

Please contact us with any queries, for further details, or to book a talk.

Looking forward to hearing from you

Ruth Camay