What is the simplest way to ensure that school breaks suit the need of everyone?

It could be argued that there are three types of people: those who want to move fast, those who want to move slow, and those who don’t want to move at all.

For the first two groups, open space is what is obviously needed, but for the third group there is a need for some form of seating.  Not necessarily anything luxurious, but seating that is functional, and which will survive in all weathers.

Just about the most popular form of such seating is the Earth Anchors Ranger series of steel seats and tables.

Earth Anchors Ranger series are being used by schools across the UK. We have agreed special prices with Hamilton House for this mailing on the most popular items of the range, benches, seats and Tri-Tables.

Picture 019 Picture 012 £269
Picture 017 Picture 015 £429
Bench_20  £869

The Ranger Series

Conceived with schools in mind it is cost-effective, has anti-vandal fittings and comes in a range of colours.

It is designed to be fixed straight into soft earth by via the patented Rootfast Anchorage System or simply by being bolted down into hard surfaces, this outdoor furniture is simple, functional and supplied at a very reasonable cost.

You can order by calling us on 020 8684 9601 quoting offer HH12 or reply to sales@earth-anchors.com