Confidence and having an open mindset is everything in learning.

As the work of Carol Dweck has proved, no matter how able, a child’s perception of themselves as a learner will determine their academic career. If it is poor, it will:

  • Undermine their resilience, so that they give up at the slightest obstacle
  • Make them defensive learners, unwilling to challenge themselves
  • Make them over-reliant on teachers and on received opinion
  • Write-off successes as ‘flukes’
  • Under-perform in exams and tests
  • Have low aspirations and under-achieve in life

The acclaimed self-perception test Myself As a Learner Scale 8-16+, by Robert Burden, gives teachers, psychologists and researchers a proven technique to gain access to this important aspect of learning development. In fact, the test is the only one that measures a child’s perception of themselves, specifically as learners.

Using it will enable you to:

  • Uncover, beneath external shows of confidence, which children have poor views of themselves as learners and therefore will be liable to under-perform
  • Pinpoint exactly where their problems are
  • Measure progress in developing ‘open-mindsets’ in children

Myself as a Learner Scale 8-16+ is easy to administer, score and interpret. It can be used for gaining information on large cohorts of students or for more clinical purposes with individuals.

It is a valid and reliable scale that can provide a valuable addition to any school’s assessment programme or educational psychologist’s repertoire of assessment techniques.

This is why MALS has gone around the world as the key test to use to measure a child’s image of themselves as learners and thinkers.

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