What do nursery schools do in Leavers’ Week?


In June 2016 the website Preparing for Leavers’ Week asked nursery schools, primary schools and secondary schools around the UK if they became engaged in any Leavers’ Week activities.  And if so, what they did, who took charge, and when they planned it.

All the answers are now in, and those of us conducting the research were really quite surprised by the responses.

Our biggest surprise came from the level of enthusiasm for Leavers’ Week activities in nurseries – it seems to us that this was far, far greater in nursery schools and nursery units than in primary schools.

We were also taken aback by the high level of responses which came in both from nursery schools and nursery units attached to primary schools.

98% of the nursery schools and units said that they did indeed engage in Leavers’ Week activities and gave us a lot of detail as to what they did.

Our questions also involved issues of who took charge of the arrangements and when they started making arrangements.

You can read our full report on Leavers’ Week in Nursery Schools on the “Preparing for Leavers’ Week” website, which also carries our results from surveys of primary and secondary schools.

I do hope you find the information useful. My colleagues and I will be in touch again next term as we develop the site further.  It is, I think, the first time anyone has ever gathered together information on Leavers’ Week from schools around the UK.

Tony Attwood
The “Preparing for Leavers Week” team.