Starting and ending the lesson

There’s not much doubt that if the start and end of a lesson can be particularly enjoyable or exciting for the students, then the memory of the lesson itself that they hold will be more positive.

And that, of course, raises the enthusiasm with which the lesson is approached next time around.

With this in mind science teacher Rosamund Rogers produced a series of science crosswords and short-answer tasks focussing on GCSE science topics.

The subject matter ranges from scientific instruments and lab equipment through to the electromagnetic spectrum, via food chains, classifying vertebrates, gases, gears and light.

Some of the pages cover mixed topics as in the inevitable odd one out, the famous scientists and names given to studies of certain subjects. But most are set firmly in one area of work (‘Parts of the Human Body’, ‘Motion of an object’, ‘The Planets’ etc).

The collection  includes more such activities than you are likely to need each year and can be set as homework, revision studies, or (if you are so minded) co-operative learning in the class. It is available as a photocopiable book – and thus just one copy is needed, and can be used repeatedly within the school. 

Sample pages from Science Crosswords and Short Answer Tasks are available at

Publisher’s reference: T1684EMN ISBN: 978 1 86083 770 8


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