What is it that children always notice?

The answer has to be change.

For children, the school and playground become such familiar areas, a regular part of their lives.

Which is why a change – and that can be any change – will be a matter of huge interest, and even excitement, for all the children.

So of course when the change is one that has an educational message at its heart, it can be a very good way of influencing the children’s behaviour.

And there is no better way of doing this than putting up signs containing a message of your choice.   The message can then be discussed for a moment in class and the meaning behind the message can be further understood.

The message itself can be anything.  We have put a few sample ideas on our website but of course the choice of both message and colour are up to you.    You can write about playing safely, making friends, being positive, anything you wish.

Some schools create texts relating to their school values, some change it to school rules, some offer school quotes, class names, house names…  The choice is of course yours.

The signs can be purchased individually or as a collection, and in a variety of sizes.  To see how the price changes with size do take a look at this sample idea and then change the size in the grid, to see the implications for the price.

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Positive Pebble sign – Blue

Positive Pebble sign – Yellow

Positive Pebble sign – Red

Positive Pebble sign – Orange

Positive Pebble sign – Lime

Set of 5 Positive Pebble Signs

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