What can be done to help those children, who want to learn a musical instrument, learn more effectively?


Next term a new, national, School Music Week is to be launched.  Not a Music Week to celebrate what the pupils in schools across the UK have done in the past year, but rather what they might well do in the coming year.

It is a website to help music teachers encourage children to practise and keep learning their chosen instrument.  It is also there to help parents and non-music teachers understand the huge benefits that accrue both to the school and to the children from the study of musical instruments.

Its aims also include helping parents understand the process of learning an instrument, how to go about buying an instrument, and how to maintain the enthusiasm for learning an instrument.

As part of our preparation for School Music Week next term we are also undertaking some research into the range of instrumental tuition in primary schools, looking at any difficulties schools might be facing and the opportunities for expansion.

The survey is, of course, completely anonymous, but if you wish we can send you back a copy of the results once we have them analysed.

The questionnaire will only take two to three minutes to complete, and doesn’t ask for any details about your school.  I do hope you will spare a moment to help us gather this information.

To take the questionnaire please just click here.

If you have any questions about the questionnaire please email hq@schoolmusicweek.co.uk or call us on 01536 505 622