Improve wellbeing – the greater the potential

You know that some of your pupils are held back because they have social, emotional, behaviour or mental health issues.  Throughout the UK 20% of children suffer from these problems.

You also know that there’s usually a long waiting time before they can be seen by a specialist service.  In the meantime these pupils drag down the overall academic results which may cause disruption to other pupils learning and may cause stress for teaching staff.

Now there’s a proven solution being used in over 1200 primary schools.   When Play Therapy is delivered to the standards of the Register of Play and Creative Arts Therapists, it results in a 77% to 84% positive change, as observed by teaching staff and parents. (Evidence based on over 12,000 cases.)  The UK needs 22,000 therapists to work with children – there are less than 4000 at present.

Train as a Registered Certified Practitioner in Therapeutic Play Skills – 15 days, typically spread over nine months, mainly at weekends.  13 conveniently located training centres.  The training is mainly experiential and practical – not just classroom taught theory.

Normally you can start practising in your school, whilst on the course, after the first 6 to 9 days of training.

Find out more by attending a one-day Introduction to Play Therapy course.

Ask for APAC’s 28 page career and training guide.

You can change the lives of others for the better and most probably your own as well.

More information:    Play Therapy Register

Email:    Phone: 01825 761143