Delivering British Values at Key Stage 2: a strategy to embed British Values

Following the momentous events of last month’s EU Referendum it has never been more important to make pupils aware of their ability to change the world around them through casting their democratic vote.

!cid_76c94d5dfe5e4f33294aeb2a1dc3fd2f Developed with advice from highly experienced primary school PSHE practitioners our British Values series of books and learning resources provide thought provoking, fun and a highly effective strategy to embed an understanding of the concepts of democracy, freedom, the importance of the rule of law and respecting the faiths and beliefs of others.

Books and learning resources also provide an excellent response to guidance from the Department for Education in November 2014, that all schools must now have a clear strategy for embedding British Values showing how their work with pupils has been effective in doing so.

Ofsted and the independent inspectorates now take the work of schools in this area into account during inspections.

The British Values Starter Bundle – £50 a whole year of British Values class activities

Two copies of each of five British Values books (RRP £3.99 per book):

  •   It’s The Law!
  •   Looking After Britain
  •   Our Country, Our World
  •   Let’s Vote On It!
  •   God Bless The Queen

With a broad range of comprehension and discussion activities for individuals and the whole class. The chatty and highly accessible style of the books makes them ideal for directed reading activities.


Two Posters:

A British Values Poster beautifully illustrated featuring colourful and highly memorable cast of British Values characters.


A Class British Values Strategy & Progress Poster with colourful stickers for the class to be able to record class British Values activities providing visual evidence of a strategy in action
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Sheets of fun stickers


Featuring the cast of fun British Values’ characters. Use the stickers on the Strategy and Progress Poster or to reward individual achievement.


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