How can you limit the extent to which your students develop back and neck pain as a result of their school days?

There are two things which have been proven to cause back and neck pain among students: carrying heavy school bags; and sitting for long periods of time.

Which is why a growing number of schools no longer require their students to carry around heavy course material – often by providing them with lockers where they can store books until needed.

Unfortunately, however, the issue of sitting for long periods of time cannot be avoided quite so easily.

So there is clearly a need for classroom chairs which enhance wellbeing, comfort, and concentration. And which are durable and able to withstand even the toughest of environments.

And it is for this reason that Don’t Lean Back (DLB) has produced the Max 2 chair.

The Max 2 chair, which has been designed by a teacher, reduces incidents of back and neck pain, is designed not to rock back and forth, and is built of the sort of materials that will ensure a long life (they come with a ten year guarantee).

Furthermore, the Max 2 chair has been designed to inspire a fresh approach to learning spaces which have an immediate impact on the expectations of all stakeholders within a school.

And there are other positives as well, such as the zero environmental impact of the chairs (they are 100% recyclable) and delivery in just 7-10 days from order. You can see the chairs (and all the colour options) and find out more here along with details on how to buy.

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Tom Wates