What is the one activity that ensures that children become both socially adept and learners for life?

It was, I must admit, more than a little worrying to see an article in the TES this month which suggests that increasing numbers of teachers are becoming sceptical about the benefits of play when it comes to ensuring that children become learners for life.

Of course not all play is equally valuable, but there surely is no doubt that the most effective type of play is co-operative play.

Because we value positive play so strongly we have created a whole new section of our website which deals with a huge array of positive play activities.

Activities such as the Feber Mega 4-in-a-line and Body Knots are incredibly helpful in encourage co-operative play.

Indeed one of the benefits of this type of play is that it can help new members of the school become integrated both into the social life of the school and into the notion of co-operation as a fundamental part of school life.

From Jamanga to Parachutes there is a whole range of games that enhance social skills and enhance children’s physical and mental development

You can see the whole range of our co-operative play games in our online catalogue

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