How would you add sound to any book or poster or object?

With PENpal you can!
PENpal is an electronic device that records and plays back your voice onto sticky labels. The PENpal is particularly useful for dyslexic and other SEN children as it enables them to work in a personalised way. With PENpal you can explain, define, give examples, without the constraint of space reserved for text! And, through PENpal’s ability to record voices it encourages speaking and listening skills and the confidence to express yourself.

PENpals will read dictionaries, literacy packs, phonics posters, big books, even tactile sound enabled books! Children who learn best though a kinaesthetic experience rather than through reading chunks of text or group discussions can benefit. Selecting and listening at your own pace, stickering your own drawings with sound, attaching audio to clothes and equipment, listening to posters like “Garden Birdsongs” just by touching brings a feeling of control and calm, especially among autistic children.

You can also add sound to any of your favourite books and poster or even make your own talking book! PENpal helps the teacher to connect in a unique way and the student to gain a confidence in learning. It is no surprise therefore that over 40000 PENpals are being used in schools and why its equivalent PENfriend is one of the RNIB’s best-selling products for audio labelling.

To find out more about PENpal or to order one (£75 plus vat) please click here

Enable Visually Impaired children to see paintings, maps, diagrams, instructions…

The viVOS Artframe adds sound to any of your notes or pictures drawn or printed on any A3 paper. You can make your drawings and diagrams, add tactiles such as sticking bump-ons, or make collages or use swell paper. Build your own rich tangible media, and record and playback sound with a tap of your fingers. You can create over 300 sound spots on any A3 paper and playback existing .mp3 music as well as your own voice recordings.
A tool for kinaesthetic learners, this device adds creativity and self-expression to your learning.
ViVOS has a built in microphone, speakers is light and very robust.

Click here to see a video of making a tactile poster on Spring with sound.

There is an open-source viVOS library of publications where users can upload their jpeg and sound compilation for others to share and use. Just print any of the FREE jpegs and download the viVOS file.  viVOS costs £150 plus vat with free access to the viVOS Library of publications

We are Mantra Lingua, UK based makers of these devices, service Nurseries, Schools, RNIB, Museums and Nature Trails. Both devices are portable and can be used anywhere. There is no need for computers.
PENpal costs £80 and viVOS £150. 400 Recordable stickers £15. 


Robene Dutta
Managing Director