How can you make the most of your school hall in terms of saving space, saving time and increasing capacity?

Providing that the school hall isn’t otherwise occupied and there is enough space to do with what you want, there is no doubt that the school hall is an ideal place to create a pop-up learning zone. But there are problems.

One – some schools find that there isn’t enough space due to the amount of room that the tables and chairs take up (even when packed away).

Two – setting up enough tables and chairs for students for the lesson (and packing them away again afterwards) can eat into a significant amount of lesson time.

Three – if the lesson follows lunchtime, it can be incredibly distracting to your students’ learning if the lunchtime supervisors are still packing away and cleaning the school hall.

Indeed, to overcome these problems and ensure that your school hall can become an ideal pop-up learning zone, we have developed Wall Pocket – a table system which can seat up to 20 students and which can, within seconds, be folded up into a neat pocket on the wall.

Now let’s imagine that you had six of these tables with their built-in seats (enough for 120 children). Packing them away can all be done within a matter of five minutes.

Thus, learning can start almost immediately and continue right up to the bell. Which makes the benches ideal for breakfast clubs/afterschool clubs and school lunches, as well as lessons.

Of course, with such an innovative product there are many other interesting features. Around 100 colours are available and colours can be mixed and matched. And the lift-assist spring system makes packing up and opening out the tables the simplest thing you could imagine.

What’s more, there’s no compulsory maintenance contract (you can have one if you want) – there is a 15 year guarantee no matter what.

Here’s a picture of how the tables look when set out for lunch or lessons.


To see how they look when packed away click here.

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