If everyone was fast we’d still never get anywhere

A natural tendency during international tournaments is to allocate each student to a country, often from where they came from. Polish kids will follow Poland, Spanish speakers may follow Spain, Argentina, Latvians to follow Latvia, etc.

An Indian friend of mine reminded me about the Los Angeles Olympics. His son was assigned to India. Others had Britain, Germany, Kenya, USA…. And every day he used to come back and say, India did not win anything, today or yesterday….

Luckily this year’s Olympics are not during School term but even though many parents and children will fail the Tebbit Test, we need to be sensitive. We have published a book about Sports and Sports Day which recognises that you do not have to be fast and showy; sometimes being slow and thoughtful can win the day.

It is called, “Sports Day in the Jungle” where the protagonists are Monkey and Sloth.

This is published both as a normal softback picture book and as an eBook in dual language.

The eBook is part of our Kitabu range of e-picture books, but with a difference. All text is narrated in English and, in the dual language versions, also in the child’s home language. The Olympics are a family affair and the eBooks can be an effective way to bring what is happening in school into the drawing room!

There are activities to build vocabulary and comprehension and a video using pictures and text from the book. The emphasis is on repetition, story-telling, oracy and there are plenty of discussion points in the accompanying teacher’s notes.

Sports Day in the Jungle comes in English and English with 16 language editions, English with Arabic, Bengali, Farsi, French, Hungarian, Italian, Lithuanian, Mandarin, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, Somali, Turkish, Urdu and in English only.

We want you to try these exciting books for yourself and therefore we are offering you a FREE eBook of Sports Day in English and Spanish.

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The eBook library has been very popular and there are over 450 book and 35 languages. These eBooks are not just PDF versions of print books, but each is accompanied with activities and videos.

They can be used on your iPads, Android, Whiteboard or laptop. If you want to see other editions and titles, please click here.

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Robene Dutta

Managing Director