GCSE AQA A Geography Flash Card Revision

This resource will be useful for students in their revision throughout and at the end of their Geography GCSE AQA A course.  It is based on what successful students have described as one of the most effective revision techniques they have used.

It is an idea that has been further developed from observing a son’s keen interest in collecting football cards and it is fascinating to watch how children collect and make use of these cards and how these cards are stored.

An extensive checklist of questions based on the specification and past exam questions for the popular AQA A geography specification has been produced providing a valuable planning and revision resource. It can be used by teachers and students to plan curriculum coverage and identify strengths and weaknesses.

Answers to accompany all of these questions  are designed to provide the sufficient knowledge to help students achieve an A* and cover the gaps in the resources provided by other authors, especially when it comes to more lengthy answers, but in particular for case study questions.

There are also flashcards for all 372 questions. On one side of a flashcard is a question and on the other the answer.  These cards are in PowerPoint and if you print off the documents back to back they are then ready to be cut up. There are a maximum of nine cards and answers on an A4 sheet.

These resources are for the 6 most popular topics therefore providing the curriculum coverage needed for the AQA A specification.

Restless Earth,

Water on the Land

Coastal Zone for the Physical Paper 1

Changing Urban Environments,


Tourism for the Human Paper 2

GCSE AQA A Geography Flash Card Revision

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