What can you say when the pupil or student turns up with a new, but unplayable, instrument?

It is one of the most embarrassing moments – when a pupil or student who is enthusiastic to learn to play a musical instrument comes to the first lesson with something that is, quite simply, unplayable.

How does one tell the parent – and indeed the child – that lessons can’t meaningfully start now, because the instrument is not up to standard?

There is only one complete way around this problem and that is to tell the parents exactly what they need to buy, and what they need to avoid, before the process starts.

Of course, you may well already have this in hand, and if so I won’t take up more of your time.  But if you feel that some parents with pupils or students in your school may be tempted to go out and buy an instrument that is completely inappropriate for their son or daughter, then we’ve an idea that may help you.

Please click here to find some advice which you may want to send out to parents and/or put on your school website – a letter which warns parents about the hazards of buying a particular type of musical instrument.

If you wish to hand it out to parents, or email them when they sign up to start lessons, please do so.  You can, of course, put it on headed pager if you wish.

The letter does include a mention of ourselves, as a source of instruments, which I hope you will find acceptable within the context.

If you have any questions or queries about the services and instruments we offer, we are of course very happy to oblige.

Lance Tunley