A great way to start or round off The Romans topic.

!cid_aefaeaee79801479f5421ec68bd393edPupils can speed through the planning stage and write better Roman stories (in pairs) using my Roman writing frame

I am a children’s author who offers assemblies and creative writing workshops for all ages and abilities. Holding a writing day is a great way to start or round off The Romans topic.

Please email workshop@spartapuss.co.uk for prices and availability.


Robin Price

What happens in your Roman assemblies?
Pupils take part in lots of fun and interactive things including: Gladiator fighting to the death; Choose an Emperor and salute them in Latin; Roman Master Chef etc.

How does the writing element work?
I follow the assembly up with ‘flash writing’ workshops where children write their own stories in pairs. This is sure to generate some epic Roman tales!

Who is this for?
Gladiators are a bit too scary for Reception, (I do a special assembly for younger children)  Everyone from Y1 up is welcome to attend my assembly. I tailor the content of each workshop to suit Y1-Y6.

Who are you?
I have written 14 books suitable for ages from Reception to Y6, including The Olympuss Games series (which is set in ancient Rome and Greece in a world ruled by cats.) Parents in Touch said: ‘Please, do introduce them to your child; they are such fun and they will encourage an interest in ancient history.’