AQA A-Level Psychology: Year 1 and AS

AQA A-Level Psychology: Year 1 and AS
#2 ‘How to do series’
Mathematics for Psychology Students
All examination Boards
New Specifications
From September 2015

CD-ROM: PowerPoints© (1O6 slides) plus photocopy friendly workbook (22 pages). All based on OFQUAL’s ‘Mathematical requirements and exemplification’. AS & Year 1 A-Level require similar content and any differences are clearly marked.  The presentation and workbook cover areas including:

  • Basic mathematical skills
  • Decimal / Standard form data
  • Fractions / Percentages / Ratios
  • Order of Magnitude
  • Estimating Range / Standard Deviation
  • Measures of Central Tendency
  • Graphs / Charts
  • Algebra
  • Probability / Significance
  • Statistical tests

Overall, at least 10% of the marks in assessments for Psychology will require the use of mathematical skills.

These skills will be to at least the standard of higher tier GCSE mathematics.

The author is a Chartered Psychologist, Member of the Royal Statistical Society, experienced teacher, lecturer and publisher.

This unique and extensive resource is designed for both experienced teachers and those new to teaching psychology. It is fully updated to match the new 2015 specification (first examination: AS 2016 and Year 1 A-level 2017).

Quite simply, all you need to pick-up and present with confidence.

106 Slides plus 22 page workbook  – Price £59.99 (excluding VAT) – Order Code: H19055

Once purchased, the CD can be freely copied and networked throughout the school!

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