Even in our digital age the use of a dictionary can help students by encouraging independent study and developing literacy skills. In some cases three words spelt correctly may mean the difference between a grade D or a grade C at GCSE.

The Webster’s “Word Power” dictionary has a clear, easy to read typeface, 384 pages and a database of approx. 15,000 words.

The Webster’s “Word Power” thesaurus has the same clear typeface as the dictionary, 384 pages and a database of approx. 10,000 headwords, 15,000 synonyms and 7,500 antonyms.

There are two particular benefits with these titles that are currently available for schools and colleges………

1. The cover price of both the Word Power dictionary and the Word Power thesaurus is £ 5.99 each.. However, if you order on behalf of a school or college, the dictionary or thesaurus may be obtained from just £ 1.99 each.

            What about the free copies  ?

2.  Simple. Just order 100 or more copies of the dictionary or thesaurus and you’ll get 50 % extra free.

e.g.  Order 200 and you’ll get another 100 copies free….order 500 copies and get an extra 250 completely free. There’s no limit to the quantity you can order and you’ll always get 50% extra free with orders of 100 or more copies.

You can find out more about these dictionaries and thesauri on the website of Signpost Educational Ltd. (

You can order direct from Signpost Educational Ltd and contact them via email or phone 020 7515 1797 or fax 020 7515 4420