Provide extended STEM activities for your Gifted, Able, Talented, and Enthusiastic students this summer

Some Heads of Science are able to provide provisions for their Gifted, Able, Talented, and Enthusiastic students, even when the core curriculum governs lesson time, by organising events outside school for students to take part in to enhance their knowledge of science.

Which is why we will be helping schools to run STEM activity days over the summer period.

Our STEM Summer Schools will give your Gifted, Able, Talented, and Enthusiastic students (across the year groups) the opportunity to participate in STEM-themed activities that simply cannot be delivered during the normal school day or curriculum.

If your school can provide the facilities for three to five days during the summer we will deliver an well-planned event and all the equipment required.

There will be a choice of two STEM Summer School Programmes:

Dead on Time – an activity in which students learn to use real-life forensic techniques such as DNA extraction, DNA electrophoresis, and DNA analysis to solve a mysterious death.

Target Mars – an activity in which students learn about Semi-Conductor Electronics, Robotic Construction, and Programming to build prototype vehicles, analyse Mars soil, and learn life-saving techniques needed to be able to colonise Mars.

Furthermore, our STEM Summer School can be delivered ‘cost-free’ to the school where parent contributions or pupil premium funds are used. A grant may also be available in your area.

For more information about our STEM Summer School Programmes, please visit:

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