Today the prime issue for many Headteachers is managing and reducing an ever growing workload. But how?

Managing workload is often a personal matter with each Headteachers finding her/his own solution.  But there is one approach that is becoming more common, not least because it can be introduced step by step and is applicable in almost every school.

At its simplest this approach focuses on one time-consuming area and deals with it once and for all.

So, rather than trying to deal with a whole range of areas, you spend just a little time focussed on resolving one area.  Then, when that’s sorted you move on to the next, looking at each time-consuming area of work, one at a time, and finding a way to reduce the time spent on it.

From that moment on, time is saved.

To give a practical example of this, take your school’s policies. They have to be checked, updated, monitored, and re-worked as circumstances change.  And that’s before you have even contemplated adding new policies that have never been necessary before.

But imagine a scenario in which you could find a full, up-to-date, comprehensive policy on each and every subject you wanted on a single website.  You could then download it, and then have it up and running in your school – all within minutes.

Add to this the fact that if there wasn’t a policy that you needed already on the site, you could ask for it to be written, again saving you time.  Plus as legislation and expectations change, so the policies could be updated without you having to re-write anything at all!

That is perfect time management.  The endless issue of school policies is identified and brought under control.

The website that hundreds of schools across the UK use in this way is Policies for Schools.  It has over 280 school policies, and you can see all the policies that are available and some sample school policy documents by visiting our website.

Subscribers have access to all the policies on the site and the option to ask for any new policy that is not already there.

You can subscribe to Policies for Schools here, or if you require any further information:

  • Phone: 01600 891 506
  • Email:  
  • Or write to: Teachers Resource Centre Ltd, Wyastone Business Park, Wyastone Leys, Monmouth, NP25 3SR