What slows down the progress of EAL pupils more than anything else?

What EAL pupils need most of all is bi-lingual books written at the right interest and reading level.

The problem is however obvious.  Books cost money and having the right language alongside English, and having the story at the right level for the pupils, is very difficult.

You might well have some dual language books in your school, but often that is not enough to keep the child engaged and reading more and more both at school and at home.

But now there is a solution.

For now there is an e-book library of over 400 books in English and 37 languages; books that pupils can read and hear, and which they will enjoy to the end of KS2.

Each book is in two languages and can be accessed via iPads, tablets, whiteboards, and computers at school or at home. All the text is spoken in English and the home language.

And, of course, parents too can use the library to improve their English, leading to greater involvement with your school.

Well-known titles such as The Three Billy Goats Gruff, Pandora’s Box, and reference books like Key Terms in Maths, Science, English, come in English with Polish, Arabic, Spanish, French, Urdu, Romanian and many more languages.  English only copies are also available.

Each story is supported with a video and follow-on interactive activities. This means that children who have just joined the class can quickly get started in a highly imaginative and absorbing way.  They can also share with their parents what they are learning at school.

The dual language e-books are also a perfect way for the school to show Ofsted that it is connecting with parents in an engaging and measurable way.

You can buy one book from £3.50 for one year or licence the whole collection of over 400 e-books for every classroom for £350 per year.  Parents can access the library for just £1 per term.

Please take a look at this short video to see our e-books in action.

Alternatively, please click here to get free trial access to 35 books in nine languages.

If you would like any further information, please email brandon@mantralingua.com  or phone 0208 44 55 123 x109.

Robene Dutta
Managing Director