The three factors that ensure that students get top marks in French speaking and listening exams

There is no doubt that some students underperform in their French speaking and listening exams, not because they don’t have a knowledge of the language that is suitable to the level of study, but rather because the setting of the speaking and listening exams results in a lack of confidence.

Of course you will be working with your students to ensure that they are used to the situation they will face, but beneath that there is still the issue of feeling enough at ease to use the knowledge of the language that he/she possesses.

Indeed we might compare this to many people in later life who have studied French at school and who can speak enough to get by, but who regularly report that they need a few days in France before they have the confidence to start speaking again.

To help resolve this problem the copiable volume, “How to get top marks for my French speaking and listening exams,” deals with this emotional response to speaking the language.

As the book stresses to students on the first page, “Success is deliberate.”  In these exams, the author says, intonation, exam skills, and vocabulary are the key.  Along with a real motivation to get better at speaking French.

And because motivation is considered so important, the book starts with exercises in motivational techniques.  It may seem unusual that in the opening few phrases there is no French, but the fact is that without motivation and a sincere desire to pass the exam the student will not improve.

As part of this there is a constant focus on the nature of the task in hand. Listening is made a central part of the task in hand, and from here the work in French begins to flow.

In all there are 100 copiable pages, provided either as a copiable text or on CD Rom so that they can be loaded onto the school’s learning platform for all students to access.

The sheer variety and down to earth honesty of the book will enthuse the students, and they will particularly appreciate the section on “bluffing and improvising” which shows them how to deal with unknown words and phrases.

Indeed it is sections such as this that enthuse the students to work in much greater depth and with much greater focus when they work through the dialogues.

How to get top marks for my French speaking and listening exams is available as a book or CD and comes with a full photocopy license for use of the book within your school so yiou can share it with colleagues. You can see a sample pages at

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