“Came by Ship” Photographic and Essay Competitions:

Encourage your pupils to enter for their chance to win an Apple iPad,
Kindle, camera or
Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software

Two fun, exciting and free easy-to-enter competitions which aim to expand pupil’s knowledge of shipping and inspire them to think about career opportunities within the maritime sector.

The Photographic and Essay competitions provide a great opportunity for pupils to use a combination of their creativity and STEM skills, as well as their knowledge of Geography, History and English to create a unique story or photograph that encapsulates what ‘Came by SHIP’ means to them.

For the Essay Competition pupils are required to write about anything with a connection to ships or ports, perhaps relating to the movement of ‘goods’ or the story of something that has been shipped.

Essays from pupils aged 11 and under should be 250 words in length, and essays from pupils aged between 12 and 18 should be 500 words in length.

The Photographic Competition requires pupils to take a photo with a smartphone or camera to capture something that encapsulates ‘Came by Ship’. Again, there are two entry groups for this competition – pupils aged 11 and under and pupils aged between 12 and 18.

Both competitions are now officially open for entries and will close on 30 June 2016, with a formal award of prizes later on in the year.

You can find teacher notes and more information about the competitions for pupils aged 11 and under by clicking here. And for teacher notes and information about the competitions for pupils aged between 12 and 18, click here.

Seavision has also compiled a number of facts about shipping and other teaching material which can provide a great introduction to the topic, such as “Did you know a container ship travels the equivalent of three-quarters of the way to the moon and back in one year during its regular travel across the oceans.” and “Around 20 million containers are on the move at any one time.” Seavision also offers free educational short courses where pupils can sign up to learn about seafarers, amazing containers and naval dispatches. See here – http://www.seavision.org.uk/voyages/engineering

Please do pass this email onto your colleagues if you think they might be interested and you can find more information about how to enter your pupils into the “Came by Ship” photographic and essay competitions at http://www.seavision.org.uk/competitions/