How can you ensure that the vocabulary of some topics isn’t forgotten as quickly as it has been learned?

There’s a general consensus that the most effective way of teaching French vocabulary is to approach it one topic at a time – so that once the vocabulary of one topic is learnt, it can be used comprehensively and to good effect.

However, there is a problem. The vocabulary of some topics can be forgotten as quickly as they have been learnt if the opportunity doesn’t arise for your pupils to cement the knowledge shortly after learning it.

With this in mind and the 2016 Olympics looming, we thought what better time to introduce your pupils to vocabulary and grammar revolving around the topic of sport. This way, many of your pupils will be able to relate their newly learnt French vocabulary to a topic of conversation which is likely to dominate most households this summer.

Which is why we have produced Olympics 2016 – French Topic Book.

Furthermore, with the excitement that always surrounds the Olympics, your pupils will be enthused and looking forward to learning more complex concepts of French with which to express their views about the Games.

Indeed, the Olympics is not only a topic that offers a wide range of vocabulary revolving around sports, but it is also likely to enhance your pupils’ knowledge of other topic areas, such as countries around the world.

Olympics 2016 – French Topic Book is a comprehensive resource which will keep your pupils occupied and eager from now (or after their assessments) until the end of term.

It contains a wealth of activities which will enhance your pupils’ French speaking, reading, writing, and listening, including: activity sheets, sentence building activities, surveys, flash cards, match the words, word search, crossword puzzles, Loto Cards, and much more.

We have also included ideas for incorporating French into PE lessons – why not have a French themed sports day this year?

To see the complete contents of Olympics 2016 – French Topic Book, click here.

All the activities are photocopiable, although if you’d prefer to print the activities out (rather than photocopy them) the resource can instead be supplied as an eBook.

Furthermore, the resource also contains answer pages so is great for teachers who have limited knowledge of French (or the Olympics).

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