How can the hall in which students take examinations affect the results they achieve?

Almost every institution that runs examinations acknowledges that some students can underachieve because of a feeling of nerves as they enter and sit down in the exam room.

However, it is only recently that schools and universities have started to consider the impact on students that the room in which the examinations take place can have.

But when it comes down to it, the room certainly can have an impact. For example, if you are using a room that has no sound-absorbing material, then every chair movement, every pen drop, is going to be heard by many of the students.

For those students who are readily able to focus on their exam this will hardly matter, but for those who are suffering from exam nerves, such extraneous sounds can totally disrupt their already shaky thought patterns.

Which is why schools are now investigating the Smartsquare carpet system. It is made up of 2m x 1m tiles designed temporarily to transform a large hall into a carpeted venue so it can be used for examinations and indeed other events.

Smartsquare carpet systems come with a purpose-built Smartcart trolley designed to hold approximately 200m² flooring. The trolley is built with non-marking wheels, and the average school hall will only require between 4m² and 7m² of floor space for storage.

It is these trolleys that are the key to the efficiency of the system as they can be moved around as the tiles are being laid, enabling quick and efficient installation.

When not in use Smartsquare carpets pack neatly away into the Smartcart.

And best of all, the carpet tiles are very easy to maintain. To clean a badly soiled tile you simply take it outside, hose it down, and leave to dry.

Smartsquare can be purchased outright or bought on a lease over a period of time.  It is also available on a two-week free trial – along with a Smartcart – so you can see for yourself.

Furthermore it is not only possible to transform a sports hall or other large area into an exam hall, but such rooms can also be transformed into areas suitable for end of year awards ceremonies, conferences, etc.

You can read more about Smartsquare on our website.    Or if you would like to talk about these possibilities please do call us on 01302 836 777 or email

Jonathan Layton

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